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Episode Archive

17 episodes of Damn Fine Commentary with Dave and Lynch since the first episode, which aired on June 4th, 2017.

  • Part 17: Not Where It Counts, Buddy

    Episode  |  January 11th, 2018  |  1 hr 4 mins
    david lynch, mark frost, part 17, twin peaks

    Part seventeen of Twin Peaks: The Return brings us to the ultimate in penultimate episodes. We find out there are bigger villains than Bob in the world. Mr C arrives at the coordinates, but doesn't quite find what he expected.

    Chad gets punched in the face. Bob gets punched in the face. It's a punch-a-palooza.

    Thank goodness we brought so many sandwiches.

  • Part 16: Hearts of Gold

    Episode  |  October 17th, 2017  |  1 hr 25 mins
    david lynch, mark frost, part 16, twin peaks

    Part sixteen of Twin Peaks: The Return shows us lots of action at Dougie's house. Chantal and Hutch run out of snacks and a Polish accountant runs out of patience. Diane recounts her past, Audrey does a dance and Cooper is back 100%.

    It's a tightly-packed episode and people are under a lot of stress.

  • Part 15: Bosomy Woman

    Episode  |  September 13th, 2017  |  1 hr 5 mins
    david lynch, mark frost, part 15, twin peaks

    Part fifteen of Twin Peaks: The Return is full of "steamy" encounters: Ed and Norma hook up after many, many years while Mr C and Phillip Jeffries share an intimate moment too.
    Mr C and Richard Horne take a father-and-son road trip. Steven and Gersten take a walk in the woods to reflect on their decisions in life.
    At the Bang Bang bar, Chuck learns a crucial lesson: Don't provoke the man with the green left hand.
    Get Gordon Cole and socket to me, and Margaret calls for the last time.
    Bosomy woman - stay away from me.

  • Part 14: Monica Belucci Dream

    Episode  |  September 10th, 2017  |  1 hr 28 secs
    david lynch, mark frost, part 14, twin peaks

    Part fourteen of Twin Peaks: The Return finally sees our law enforcement teams discover the existence of two Coopers. The FBI discuss the original Blue Rose case. Four policeman visit Jack Rabbit's Palace and meet a fireman.

    Freddy spills his guts and cracks some nuts, while Sarah Palmer's blind date goes horribly wrong.

    And if we're like the dreamer who dreams and lives inside the dream, then who is the dreamer?

  • Part 13: One Too Many Hurleys

    Episode  |  August 29th, 2017  |  1 hr 8 mins

    Part thirteen of Twin Peaks: The Return has the Mitchums bearing gifts, Sonny Jim gets a gym set and in a gathering of villains we witness a power struggle to see who is the baddest of them all.

    In this episode, it's just you and I. Together. Forever.

    Because it's no good eating alone.

  • Part 12: Turkey Jerky

    Episode  |  August 26th, 2017  |  1 hr 9 mins
    david lynch, mark frost, part 12, twin peaks

    Part twelve of Twin Peaks: The Return sees a new member added to the FBI's Blue Rose task force. Sarah Palmer is still finding it hard to deal with the pace of change in Twin Peaks. Gordon Cole enjoys a fine Bordeaux, Diane is deputised and finally we witness the return of one of the original series' most beloved characters.

    Let's rock!

  • Part 11: Dirty Bearded Men in a Room

    Episode  |  July 28th, 2017  |  1 hr 40 mins
    david lynch, mark frost, part 11, twin peaks

    Part eleven of Twin Peaks: The Return is here and you better watch out, because Becky's got a gun and she knows how to use it. Cole finds a wormhole to another reality and Hastings loses his head.

    Truman and Hawk study a map to find what they're looking for and Dougie's life is saved by a cherry pie to die for.

  • Part 10: Women in Peril

    Episode  |  July 26th, 2017  |  1 hr 9 mins
    david lynch, mark frost, part 10, twin peaks

    Part ten of Twin Peaks: The Return sees Miriam left for dead in a trailer, while Candie swats at a fly.

    Richard Horne gets paid and Dougie gets laid.

    Grab your grandmother, settle in and enjoy part 10 of Twin Peaks: The Return.

  • Part 9: Scuba Diving in the Bahamas

    Episode  |  July 12th, 2017  |  1 hr 10 mins
    david lynch, mark frost, part 9, twin peaks

    Part nine of Twin Peaks: The Return shows Mr C arriving at the farm, but no sign of Ray. Major Briggs is still sending messages through time. Our FBI team take the most expensive, tax-payer-funded 300 mile flight in a private jet.

    Ben Horne is a good man. Johnny Horne is running into things. Jerry Horne is still high and at war with his own body. And still no sign of Audrey Horne.

    Finally, Bill Hastings cracks under questioning and admits to running a conspiracy blog, when all he wants to do is soak up the sun, consume mixed drinks and go scuba diving in the Bahamas.

  • Part 8: Cockfrog

    Episode  |  July 6th, 2017  |  1 hr 3 mins
    david lynch, mark frost, part 8, twin peaks

    Part eight of Twin Peaks: The Return is officially the weirdest television ever made, but will that stop our team doing their best to describe what just happened? Absolutely not.

    There's a double cross, a chorus-line of charcoal men acting as paranormal paramedics and the birth and death of the universe. Atoms are split and minds are blown.

    Finally, we see a phallic creature emerge from an egg. It is a cockroach? Is it a frog?

    No! It's a cockfrog!

  • Part 7: Douglas Jones is a Cobra

    Episode  |  June 29th, 2017  |  49 mins 53 secs
    david lynch, mark frost, part 7, twin peaks

    Part seven of Twin Peaks: The Return sees the discovery of missing pieces that shed a light on the mystery of Laura Palmer's death. Andy does some police work (almost). We say farewell to Dr Hayward (via Skype), and say hello to some dirty, dusky woodsmen.

  • Part 6: Don't Call Me Kid

    Episode  |  June 27th, 2017  |  56 mins 32 secs
    david lynch, mark frost, part 6, twin peaks

    Part six of Twin Peaks: The Return sees Janey-E putting some Vegas loan sharks in their place, while Cooper receives two pieces of sage advice: wake up and don't die.

    Hawk finds the missing pieces he's been searching for, plus we finally see the face of a very familiar and well-loved character.

  • Part 5: The Cow Jumped Over the Moon

    Episode  |  June 23rd, 2017  |  1 hr 1 min
    david lynch, mark frost, part 5, twin peaks

    Part five of Twin Peak: The Return shows us what happens if you're a casino manager who has 29 jackpots occur on his watch. The world's least effective assassins blow up Dougie's car along with some unwitting car thieves. Dr Jacoby is hosting his very own conspiracy vodcast, and Bad Cooper finally gets his phone call. And the question still remains: why won't anyone call Good Cooper an ambulance?

  • Part 4: The First Caucasians

    Episode  |  June 21st, 2017  |  1 hr 5 mins
    david lynch, mark frost, part 4, twin peaks

    Part four of Twin Peaks: The Return sees good Cooper reunited with coffee, his new foster family and a sack full of his casino winnings. Bobby Briggs is still looking for drugs, but this time as a cop. Bad Cooper finds himself in jail when the contents of his trunk show he is a very sick individual. Plus Wally Brando rides in to Twin Peaks pay his respects.

  • Part 3: Eyes Stitched Shut

    Episode  |  June 19th, 2017  |  45 mins 1 sec
    david lynch, mark frost, part 3, twin peaks

    Part three, and good Cooper is transported to yet another waiting room where time moves in even more peculiar ways. He makes his way out using the power of electricity and experiences his nativity on earth as a new-born being. It's enough to make bad Cooper sick.

  • Part 2: James is cool (He's always been cool)

    Episode  |  June 8th, 2017  |  55 mins 32 secs
    david lynch, mark frost, part 2, twin peaks

    Part two sees the events in Buckhorn, South Dakota start to piece together. Plus now the ground rules are laid for good and bad Cooper: one must return to the Black Lodge in order for the other to leave.

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Music provided by Hakan Eriksson and Pond5.